we are starting back on Monday 2nd October at 5pm-6.30pm. We will be running on a monthly basis as 1st Monday of the month so 2nd October, 6th November and 4th December.

Messy Mondays started in October of 2012 We initially started it off as a way of keeping regular worship in our Linthouse Building but in a different way as we had tried and failed at a few other options. We had tried an early breakfast worship, an evening dinner worship which always resulted in the same church folk turning up along with only one other family. The main priority was to help families engage with one another. We all know if we put a banner up advertising a kids club we would have 100 kids turning up - but that’s not what we wanted we wanted families - to begin to explore something we hadn’t had in Linthouse for years so...Messy Mondays was born.

When it first began it was mainly church families who attended and a few local people who had seen our lovely banner outside the church.

We started off with the format of: meet at 5.30pm, eat together (normally soup and sandwiches), a craft then followed which involved the kids and the parents, we then all moved into the church where they would hear a bible story (told in many different varied ways) a song to tie in and then the children went to play a game and the parents got a well deserve cuppa and a blether.

The craft is always something that is a bit too hard for the kids so the parents have to help them, again the ‘play/craft’ time is great for families to just spend time together without having to think about all the other things that need doing that prevent this from happening at home (we are all guilty of saying, ‘I’ll just hang up this washing’ ‘I’ll just get the dinner on’ ‘hang on till I.....’ yada yada yada) the kids love it when you are on the floor with them helping them.

We always encourage everyone to join in the church activity but appreciate, especially for some of our new younger mums and dads, that they may feel a bit awkward being in a church setting and making a fool of themselves jumping around and singing and dancing (if any of you have attended MM you will know that this bit doesn’t faze me at all and I’m normally the one leading the conga etc).

We have gone from strength to strength in numbers and now have an average of about 30-35 each Monday with some nights having as many as 40. We have a great combination of church families and non church families and even have a few dads in the mix who are growing in confidence and participation. We have new strong friendships forming and a great atmosphere in which this can take place. We have also improved on our menu and have a range of dinners encouraging the kids to try new stuff and eat healthily so all in all Messy Mondays is a wonderful thing to be a part of and I am very proud of the work we have done.

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